Welcome to the Armorcor Cane Corso Website


Welcome to our Web site, we hope this site is both informative and enjoyable. We are passionate about the breed and dedicate a large part of our lives to all aspects of the Cane Corso. We strive to update our website as often as we can so please feel free to come back.


We understand that to produce the finest cane corsos in Australia takes a progressive, open mind with a thirst for knowledge. We believe that as a responsible breeder we are and must remain a disciplined and committed student of the breed. Becoming stuck in old ways of thinking is detrimental to both the individual and the breed, therefore we pride ourselves on our dedication to continuous learning.

Just as technology either progresses or becomes outdated, so too do practices in the dog world. Examples of this include but are not limited to: training methods, behavior and understanding, breeding practices, genetic & epigenetic knowledge and the overall approach to the health. True Cane corso knowledge and understanding is always being proven, disproven and updated.


Cane Corsos require proper socialising from the day your puppy is received, this enables them to become loving well rounded family companions. While they are good around children and small animals, like all dogs, their interactions must be supervised at all times. Like everything there will always be both good and bad, this especially goes for dog breeders so we urge you to do your research, don’t rush, if possible meet the breeder or at the very least call them up with a list of questions.

We sell our dogs Co-owned and with a contract, Limited register, Main register or Breeders terms. A majority of our puppies are sold on Limited Register, which means they are purely a pet to love and cherish for the entire life of the dog. 

At Armorcor the breeders terms prospects are those that we believe will have the ability to influence our breeding program in a positive manner, therefore the breeders terms dogs are those with the most potential in our eyes.

We believe that the people participating/assisting in our breeders terms program should be rewarded. Not only with keeping the dog at the conclusion of the program, but also have their purchase price refunded with a Bonus. For more information about participating in our breeding program click here.

Please feel welcome to contact us any time with further enquiries.


Kind Regards,

Chris, Vanessa & Armorcor Family