Occasionally we retire Cane Corsos from our breeding program. Such dogs have come to enjoy being loved, spoilt and well cared for. When such dogs become available they will only be fostered to homes that will continue to treat them equally as well as we have.

Our dogs complete our family but it is only possible to house so many Corsos. While we pride ourselves on spending adequate quality time with each and every one of our dogs, we must on occasion retire some dogs to their new loving forever homes.


All adult's we adopt out are de-sexed and health checked. We care about every dog we own and as breeders we are always striving to produce better and better corsos. This means that from time to time we simply must retire certain individuals to make room for new specimens that bring with them an ability to improve the overall quality of the breed.


If you are interested in adopting one of our available adults, please fill out the puppy application form and tick “adult”. If you are deemed suitable we will add you to our list. We cannot guarantee the availability of mature dogs.