Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Puppy Application, Please be truthful as there are no "right" or "wrong" answers.
The information you provide will allow us to get to know you better, and help us to match the right puppy to your family.

Cane Corsos are dominant and are a lot of work so their training and socialisation will not end at 6 months of age, it is continuous throughout their life. So we need to be sure that you are as committed to this as we are, and we do reserve the right to verify all information provided.

By submitting this application, you are certifying that all of your answers are true.


We sell our dogs Co-owned and with a contract, Limited register, Main register or Breeders terms. A majority of our puppies are sold on Limited Register, which means they are purely a pet to love and cherish for the entire life of the dog.


Limited register: Ineligible for exhibition at a Conformation Exhibition/Show, Ineligible to be used for breeding purposes, not entire or has been de-sexed/Vasectomy, Not registered on the main register and Ineligible for export. We do occasionally sell some dogs Co-owned on main register to other breeders that meet our very strict conditions.

Main Register: Entitles the owners to breeding rights of a pedigree dog including showing at Conformation Exhibition.


Breeder’s Terms: On occasion we identify puppies that we think will one day qualify for our breeding program. On such occasions we will either keep the dogs to live with us or we will seek to find suitably qualified homes for our prospects to live in on “breeder’s terms”.


At Armorcor the breeders terms prospects are those that we believe will have the ability to influence our breeding program in a positive manner, therefore the breeders terms dogs are those with the most potential in our eyes.


We believe that the people participating/assisting in our breeders terms program, should be rewarded not only with keeping the dog at the conclusion of the program but also have their purchase price refunded with a Bonus.


In simple terms the prospective purchaser will acquire the dog, pay the agreed sale price, and look after the bitch or dog in accordance with the 2-page agreement signed by both parties. As soon as the dog has fulfilled their predetermined participation in the breeding program Armorcor will refund the purchase price plus a bonus that is agreed on when signing the agreement. Before any breeding takes place, Armorcor will test the said Cane Corso at Armorcor’s cost. If the bitch passes the assessments she/he will then proceed with the contract, otherwise Armorcor will de-sex the dog for the nominated person