Armorcor Cane Corso is located in Western Australia, enjoying Australia’s sunniest capital city Perth. The raw natural beauty, amazing beaches and vast bushlands provide the perfect place to produce Australia’s finest Cane Corsos.


Armorcor are national leaders in Cane Corso genetics and one of the few breeders by which Australian cane corsos are measured. Our selection, testing, conformation, training and breeding makes Armorcor Cane Corso’s some of the finest Cane Corso’s nationwide. All our dogs are registered with DogsWest and we actively exhibit in the show ring, earning our kennel multiple conformation champions. We do not simply adhere to the breed standard, we exceed the breed standard. We provide all our dogs with quality nutrition, our puppies equally benefit from our quality food and go home with a care package and nutrition plan. The stability of our dogs begins with our strict selection process and is carried over into the whelping box with our superior puppy imprinting program, designed to mentally equip our puppies with an adaptive yet manageable mindset. All puppies are thoroughly socialised with children, dogs and small animals to create safe versatile companions, family guardians and capable guard dogs.


Our specialised bloodlines are often infused with new bloodlines deemed suitable to produce dogs that possess a solid nervous system, intense drives, powerful instincts, athletic ability, full hard grips and a serious edge. Our goal is to produce a globally elite Cane Corso that lives up to its ancient mollossor ancestry. A dog equally at home being employed as; a capable hunting dog of large game, a war dog in a Roman coliseum or a gentle giant at home keeping a watchful eye on the children. It is no surprise that our dogs are now finding their way into both obedience and sporting dog roles.




Just as you want to find Australia’s best breeder it is our duty to find responsible owners to provide our puppies with loving forever homes. For those meeting our strict criteria we offer the very best Cane Corso genetics available Australia wide. If you are interested in an Armorcor puppy, completion of the application form is required.

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